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There has been a lot of articles and discussion about the future of the office and home working, for me it is all about balance – time in the office for specific tasks, projects or meetings that need face to face interaction (socially distanced of course).

The rest of my “business as usual” work would ideally be done from home for a number of reasons, and these are my personal reasons yours may differ – more productivity due to less disturbance, no commute and the ability to attempt to home school the kids and when they are back to school, being able to walk the kids to and from school. Plus, if I want to go for a walk or take some time out, I feel able to do so rather than feeling big brother is watching.

However, working from home has highlighted that a better solution is needed, I don’t have the right space to work effectively from home and when the kids do eventually go back to school at 3.30pm there is no-where to hide. If you don’t have kids then it might be your partner/ dog / cat etc.

A light bright purpose built Office POD

I have been looking for external office space or garden office that would fit in my garden, I don’t have capacity for a wooden cabin or feel the permanence of one – so I found OfficePOD – the coolest looking external office.

OfficePODs can be assembled in one day & are made from steel with a clever modular design allowing extra panels to “slot” in to place to increase POD sizes.

This means that not only are these great for individuals but they can offer the balance that many businesses need to provide a flexible working solution for their staff

They are a brilliant solution for a variety of reasons:

Even walking to your garden gives you separation from the house.

A kitchen/bedroom backdrop can only be endearing for so long. 

Offer a much better home working environment than crouched over a kitchen table (help avoid claims).

You can reduce the desks needed by using PODs for roles suited to home working & reducing the commute.

OfficePOD can help achieve those

The OfficePOD can be rented on a monthly basis & cheaper than a desk charge (rates, service charge, cleaning, utilities etc).

If a staff member leaves, their POD can be re-used for another employee.

Replace this with an “OfficePOD allowance”.

Offering this type of home working environment may give you the edge on recruitment or retention.

Treated as a Business expense.

You know that staff could work at home in an emergency / lockdown.

Businesses can brand the PODs, so use them for marketing suites or for events.

Can be used for consultation rooms, physiotherapy, mindfulness classes.

Bright modern Office POD
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The OfficePOD

The OfficePOD can help form a mix of flexible space that companies can adapt & evolve their new ways of working. 

The traditional office is not dead, there needs to be a mix of solutions for companies & employees.

Please contact me for further information & pricing.

Office POD ready for use
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