Meeting Rooms

As part of the commercial property mix a company’s business – the Corona pandemic has shown a need for greater flexibility in the workplace, it has made people question why staff are in the office every day,  the benefit to reducing the commute, a need to be flexible not only on quantity of space needed but also to appreciate what employees might have to deal with at home.

Part of the mix of workplace solutions is external meeting venues, because:

Photo by Damir Kopezhanov on Unsplash

To help the SME’s book best value and give the best options, I have partnered with to provide SME’s with an easy to use search & book platform for external venues

Reasons to book:

Search, compare, customise & book.

Shortlist venues and ask them to bid for your meeting, this provides in-built best value & avoids long direct negotiations. Venues see the anonymous competing pricing so can reduce their price accordingly

Choose the venues that are already openly offering deals – reduce spend and only pay for meetings when needed. 

With a Covid clean symbol next to venues, it shows the cleaning is to current guidelines.

Drinks, sandwiches, plastic free accessories, pads, projectors. 

If you need to book overnight accommodation the site can do that.

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