SME Offices has access to a database of Serviced Offices and Co-Working providers – this gives you peace of mind that you are not missing out on any opportunities.

When to use serviced offices if you:

  • need flexibility on commitment (3/6/12 + months) 
  • want to quickly access office space want to reduce capex (as furniture is included) 
  • Project Space
  • Easy exit, as long as you remember to service your exit notice to the company (in the small print)!
  • Let us know your what you need and we can help with a search. 

Typically taken when you have you plans fixed for a number of years and want to control fit out, services and want to create your own environment.

Let us carry out a search and lead the negotiations – Landlords use an agent, and trust us, they love it when tenants are unrepresented, why?…because:

Typically Businesses without help will pay more rent and commit to longer period of time than represented tenants. 

Landlords have data on deals to support their numbers, so should you.  

Let SME Offices get a better deal for you, whether that is in the form of:

  • lower rent
  • more rent free
  • adding in a break option
  • shorten your lease term 
  • limit your dilapidations / reinstatement at lease end 
  • Or all of the above…. 

Found an office? What next…

Once you have search and found an office, that will seem like the easy bit, now you have to:

  • Negotiate the legals for lease or serviced office agreement 
  • Design and fit out your office
  • Sort your IT
  • Buy furniture 
  • Physically move in / out
  • Get insurance
  • Choose your utility supplier

We can help you with all of these with our network of advisors and suppliers.

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